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Mary J Sant’Eufemia


After incurring a knee injury while studying at the Joffrey Ballet in NYC in 1980, doctors said my chances of returning to dance again would be slim. However, I was put in contact with Carola Trier, a direct disciple of Joseph Pilates (the creator of Pilates) and my rehabilitation process began. In her 80's at the time, Carola was instrumental in my appreciation and awe of this incredible discipline and my surprise return to dance! This was the moment that my passion for Pilates and the seed for my training to become a Pilates instructor began. I trained in the classical (original) Pilates method, as set forth by its creator Joseph Pilates. I received my certification in New York City with master trainer Ellie Herman and completed 600 hours of training and assessment.

I originally established my first studio, Pilatespace in East Hampton, New York in 2002.  In 2006, I opened a second Pilatespace studio in Rome, Italy. Twelve years later, having seen Pilates undergo many changes, I felt that it was time to broaden my concept of my business. As a result, I rebranded to MJS Pilatespace to reflect my desire in providing exclusive services that are tailored and also offer experiences that will move beyond the studio.

Through good intentions to make Pilates more affordable for everyone, the method has undergone various transformations to cater to larger group classes.  The beauty of the original individual approach or small group is that it is very personal and tailored, one can get access to the entire Pilates repertoire not just some of the exercises and one can progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced and super advanced levels, in their own time.  If one has physical conditions or requires rehabilitation, individual attention can be given and the exercises modified to meet their specific needs and goals.  There is a place for both approaches, but I think it is important to be made aware of the differences so that you can choose what is best for your own needs.  So if you are looking for a personalised approach then MJS Pilatespace is just right for you.

MJS Pilatespace aims to provide a tailored approach through Pilates instruction and incorporate Pilates into a broader wellness concept through its retreats.

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